The Yule Cat Seasonal Makeover

SKU: JPV338758


According to Icelandic folklore the Yule Cat is an overgrown ferocious feline that stalks the wintry Icelandic landscape preying on children! In this considerably more charming story, Brian Pilkington has lightened the character up somewhat by imagining what the Yule Cat is like today, now that he has become a moth-eaten, fleabitten, lazy old geriatric that is in need of a seasonal makeover. This delightful story is ideal for children of all ages, just about anyone that loves cats, or indeed any moth-eaten, fleabitten old geriatric in need of a seasonal makeover that YOU may know!

Also includes an introduction to the Icelandic Christmas family and the unique customs of the holiday season in Iceland.

Artist Brian Pilkington is the author and illustrator of this and many other children’s books. Available in English and German.

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