Resin figurine - Norse God Series, Iðunn

SKU: 550053


Iðunn - the goddess of youth and keeper of the mythical apples, the sustanence of youth to the gods. Iðunn is betrayed by the trickster god Loki to the giant, Thiazi. the giant imprisons her in the dark castle Thrymheim. The gods quickly wither but hatch a plan to rescue Iðunn. Loki must transform into a falcon with Freyja's magic cape and fly to find Iðunn. Once found, he chants runes and changes her into a nut that he grasps and flies back with to Asgard. Thiazi tries to overtake Loki in an eagle disguise, but the gods set a blazing fire, allowing Loki and Iðunn to fly by but engulfing the eagle in flames. Text©

Size: 90 mm /3,5 in.

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