Resin figurine - Norse God Series, Heimdallur

SKU: 550060


Heimdallur - the guardian of the rainbow bridge, Bifröst. Norse myths describe this bridge as a flaming, trembling rainbow that connects the worlds of Midgard (encompassing the lands of men, giants, dark elves and dwarfs) and Asgard (the places of the gods, Vanir and elves). Heimdallur must protect the bridge from the frost giants who will try to cross it at the beginning of Ragnarok. Heimdallur will then alert all the nine worlds by sounding his horn, Gjall. Heimdallur´s hearing is so acute that he can hear the wool grow on sheep and his sight is so keen he can see one hundred leagues in any direction, even in the dark. Text©

Size: 83 mm /3,3 in.

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