Postcard large, Vík í Mýrdal, multiview

SKU: 83881


Text on back of card: The black basalt sand beach at Vík with Dyrhólaey, a headland with a naturally eroded gate in its center. Puffin with capelin-filled beak - puffins are a common migratory bird that nest along the coast. Vík with Mt. Reynisfjall in background, a beautiful small village and important service center for south Iceland. View along the beach towards Dyrhólaey. Reynisdrangar are remnants of cliffs off the coast of Vík, some as high as 66 meters. An old folktale explains the pillars as two trolls who were dragging a ship to land but were caught in the light of dawn and turned to stone.

Size: 170 mm /6,7 in.

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