Handpainted Christmas Ball Ornament, Stúfur - Þvörusleikir

SKU: 922225


The figures are handpainted from the inside -naive renditions of the Yule Lads! Gold painted decoration outside of ball at top and bottom, packaged in cushioned red box. This ball features:

Stúfur or Shorty, is the third Yule Lad to make, for him, a very long walk on the 14th of December. This little guy craves the scorched leftover bits in pots and pans and scrapes them out when no one’s about.


Þvörusleikir or Spoon Licker, is the fourth Yule Lad to mysteriously start appearing around town on the 15th of December. This finicky fellow sneaks into kitchens like his brother Shorty and licks clean all the bits and blobs left on cooking spoons and ladles.

Based on design by©Brian Pilkington, Text©Sólarfilma

Size: 80 mm

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