Handpainted Christmas Ball Ornament, Kertasníkir - Grýla

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The figures are handpainted from the inside -naive renditions of the Yule Lads! Gold painted decoration outside of ball at top and bottom, packaged in cushioned red box. This ball features:

Kertasníkir or Candle Beggar, is the thirteenth and last Yule Lad to depart from the mountains on the 24th of December. He can spot a dwelling a long way off, as during the dark days of winter many a candle is burning in a window. A romantic but hungry lad, Candle Beggar is always faced with the difficult decision of whether to gaze at the lovely glow of the candles he steals, or eat them to quiet the hungry howls emanating from his stomach.


Grýla, the Yule Lads’ mother as well as her husband Leppalúði are, unfortunately, trolls – the kind that would like to catch misbehaving children, quite possibly for dinner! Why their sons are not classified as trolls, or why they have been spared by Grýla and her husband, is also a big mystery. Maybe a troll mother’s heart has a soft spot after all.

Based on design by©Brian Pilkington, Text©Sólarfilma

Size: 80 mm

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