Handpainted Christmas Ball Ornament, Hurðaskellir - Skyrgámur

SKU: 922249


The figures are handpainted from the inside -naive renditions of the Yule Lads! Gold painted decoration outside of ball at top and bottom, packaged in cushioned red box. This ball features:

Hurðaskellir or Door Slammer, is the seventh Yule Lad to make his presence known on the 18th of December. Somehow evading capture, Door Slammer goes from house to house to startle and annoy people with his noisy obsession.


Skyrgámur or Skyr Glutton, is the eighth Yule Lad to start his expedition on the 19th of December. Once he locates a well-stocked larder, Skyrgámur scurries in to gobble down all the contents of any barrel containing the thick dairy product known to Icelanders as skyr.

Based on design by©Brian Pilkington, Text©Sólarfilma

Size: 80 mm

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