Handpainted Christmas Ball Ornament, Gáttaþefur - Ketkrókur

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The figures are handpainted from the inside -naive renditions of the Yule Lads! Gold painted decoration outside of ball at top and bottom, packaged in cushioned red box. This ball features:

Gáttaþefur or Doorway Sniffer, is the eleventh Yule Lad to amble down from the mountains on the 22nd of December. His well fashioned nose leading the way, Doorway Sniffer lingers by kitchen doors or windows and is satisfied with simply inhaling the wonderful baking aromas of holiday cakes and breads.


Ketkrókur or Meat Hook, is the twelfth Yule Lad to turn up in town on the 23rd of December. Using a different approach than most of his brothers, Ketkrókur clambers up on the roof of a dwelling and lowers a hooked pole down the chimney in hopes of jabbing tasty smoked meats hanging from the rafters.

Based on design by©Brian Pilkington, Text©Sólarfilma

Size: 80 mm

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