Handpainted Christmas Ball Ornament, Bjúgnakrækir - Gluggagægir

SKU: 922256


The figures are handpainted from the inside -naive renditions of the Yule Lads! Gold painted decoration outside of ball at top and bottom, packaged in cushioned red box. This ball features:

Bjúgnakrækir or Sausage Thief, is the ninth Yule Lad to commence his trip on the 20th of December. Being partial to protein and fleet-footed too, Bjúgnakrækir hurries straight to any larder where sausages are kept in storage and instantly wolfs them all down.


Gluggagægir or Window Peeper, is the tenth Yule Lad to travel down from the mountains on the 21st of December. Not content with observing people undetected, if this shocking fellow is caught peeping in, it only emboldens him to pull as ugly a face as he can muster.

Based on design by©Brian Pilkington, Text©Sólarfilma

Size: 80 mm

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