Resin figurine - Norse God Series, Freyja

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Freyja - the fair goddess of love, fertility, war and wealth. Chief of the Valkyries, she represents women who attain wisdom and power. Freyja is the daughter of the sea god Njord and sister of Freyr. The gods were divided into two groups, Vanir and Aesir. After a war, the Vanir were supplanted by the younger Aesir, led by Odin. A peace was agreed between the two sides and Njord went with Freyr and Freyja to Asgard, where they lived with the Aesir as a token of friendship. There Freyja taught the Aesir the Vanir spells and charms. Traveling in her chariot drawn by male cats, she wears a feather coat enabling her to fly between the nine worlds. On her flights she sprinkles dew and flowers and sheds tears for her lost husband, tears that turn to gold and amber. On the battlefields she selects the heroic and noble slain to carry off to the realm of the dead. She wears the Brisingamen, a golden necklace crafted by four dwarfs. As an emblem for the fruits of heaven and earth, it glitters like stars in the night sky. Text©

Size: 80 mm /3,1 in.

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