April 2018

Many new articles are being added this spring – please scroll through the „NEW“ section to view what has already arrived:


A whole new range of affordable jewelry necklaces and bracelets!


Over 30 new postcard views.


Two  new fun plush apparel articles: Happy Cap  and Puffler Muffler.


Three new wooden keyrings.


Two new shiny metal keyrings, woman 306032 and puffin 304359.


New golden look vikingship lapel pin142135  and phone pal 101125.


Three Bone China trinket boxes with an old Icelandic pattern used in jewelry for the national costumes: smaller size in blue 657011, gold 657035 and larger blue 657028.


Aurora Borealis cloth carry bag 780023.


Six new photo magnets with views from around Iceland:  Hallgrímskirkja 205052, Reykjavík 205069, Öxarárfoss 205113, Hraunfossar 205328, Aldeyjarfoss 205656 and Akureyri 205670


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15% discount on great holiday items

A complete set of resin Yule Lad Ornaments (14 different figures), each packed in a clear plastic box with description of each character.

A complete set of glass ornament balls, hand painted from the inside! Each ball features two different Yule Lads. Since there are 13 Yule Lads, Grýla, the troll mother, is on the other side of one of the balls. 7 balls are the total for a complete set, each snugly packed in red padded box. To read about each character go to the individual resin figurines and click.

A complete set of the resin Yule Lad Figurines, plus the mother Grýla, father Leppalúði, and the Yule Cat. You can read about each character under the individual figurines when they are clicked on. Each figurine is packed in moulded styrofoam and sturdy printed box with text about each character.

November 2107

New items! Click on underlined to view or go to "new" tab.

Six new shiny, swinging, sparkly keyrings plus an awesome troll face keyring/bottle opener:

Killer Whale, swinging motion puffin, swinging motion viking, Thor‘s hammer (Mjölnir), Icelandic flag, vikingship, sparkly puffin, flowers of Iceland, runes and  troll keyring/bottle opener

Runes and celtic inspired designed pens in 3 colors,  red, blue and black (all with black ink)

Plus new Viking resin items: sitting viking with shield and sword/shield, standing with sword and shield, sitting with toothpick holder, viking woman/tea light holder, viking man/tea light holder, viking ship with 3 men, viking ship with man and woman

May 2017

New articles for children – 2 baby bib designs: lamb and puffin as well as a puffin washcloth that doubles as a puppet for some bathtime fun!

Children will also enjoy the new Icelandic Countryside Playset with reusable/moveable stickers.

Just in: Our new „Icelandic Saga Series“, a collection of 3 new „smaller size“ coffee/tea mugs with ornate designs inspired by viking art, red, black and one of which is a reproduction of actual text from the historical writer/poet Snorri Sturlasson‘s Heimskringla.

Click on color links to see or go to the "New" tab.

March 2017

In house now, our new spring tee-shirt collection in soft 100% cotton, 210 gr.:

Embroidered Map of Iceland in light blue and pink

Embroidered Celtic Knot in blue

Embroidered „Helm of Awe“ (Ægishjálmur) in wine red

Embroidered Horse Head in cinnamon

Printed Rune block in light grey melange


Also 18 new regular size postcards and 4 large - please check the NEW tab to see them all!

February 2017

Happy New Year!

A brand new addition to the Yule Lad program is our new glass fridge magnets featuring all the Yule Lads, their mother Grýla and father Leppalúði and the Yule Cat. These come 4 to a box (box1), and there are 4 sets all in all,  box 2, box 3 and box 4.

Other new items already streaming in this year:

3D Viking Mug

Fun fat Puffin pencil and children‘s wooden puzzle

Ægishjálmur (Helm of Awe) leather and metal bracelets in three sizes

November 2016

Just in time for the Yule holidays – the Yule Cat! This controversial kitty is the newest member of the Yule Lad resin ornament line. Read more about him here:

Also just in: Three new soft toy sheep! A Sleepy Sheepie, A Ramby Lamby and hand puppet A Fluffy Friend.

A new Soft Toy Teddy Bear in „Icelandic“ pullover with the words Ég (heart) Þig – which translates as I (heart) You

5 other new soft toy additions! Three of these are Puffins: a hand puppet, a little puffin with rattle sound and one extremely cute roundish puffin. The two other additions are an „Icelandic“ Horse in sitting position and a ferocious looking shark – take a look!

Ever wanted to watch your own puffin hatch from an egg? Read about this item in „NEW“.

Other new resin items: a Vikingship, Viking Axe, Viking Shield and Viking Club with Spikes. Yikes!!!


 June 2016

Check out the latest additions in "NEW"!

6 new mouse matts with beautiful photos from around Iceland.

3 new frosted shot-glasses with Magic Charm Themes: Love, Helm of Awe and Dreams...

2 new kitchen decoration/ trivet designs

4 new carabiner key chains, Puffin, Love, erupting volcano and Map of Iceland 


April 2016

Most of the items mentioned in February's News are now available. Among the new items are over 25 new postcards, three new Tee Shirt designs and many photo magnets. Please click the NEW tab to see the whole selection.

More items being added in the coming weeks. 

February 2016

Sólarfilma/Sunfilm relocated in September and much of our time this autumn and winter has gone into organizing and settling into our new location. But we still have been busy developing new souvenirs - and the delivery of them, like spring, is just around the corner!

Our postcard line will feature 25 new cards this year – please click NEW to see all the new postcards as well as ALL the other new items. These new postcards should be available in April.

Other items:

New women‘s floral tee shirt design with pattern based on National Costume – March/April.

New men‘s Celtic tee shirt design – March/April.

5 new keyrings, one for bird lovers and 4 new carabiner motifs – March/April.

7 new round stickers with Icelandic themes – March/April.

3 new frosted shot glasses with the magic symbols for Love, Sleep/Dreams and Awesomeness (the helm of awe) – April/May.

Lots of new photo magnets available mid February! new „3D“ and resin motifs available in March.

7 new Crystal paperweights – March.

2 new Tea Towels, apron, pot holders and oven mitts – all with lighthearted puffin designs – June.

There are further items in the process of development that we hope will be available later in the spring or early summer months. Check back!

New Postcards 2015 now available

Dozens of new postcards, both large size and regular are now in stock.

New Items 2015

Please click on the "NEW" page tab for photos of the Water/Glitter globes as well as our two new bestsellers: the porcelain Puffin and adorable new smiling soft toy Puffin. The porcelain Puffin was produced in cooperation with John Beswick and comes securely foam-packed in a sturdy box. Check back later this spring when we will be adding many new postcards and other fun and useful souvenirs to our collection.

New Water/Glitter Globes

Two new products available this year are the Puffin and the Viking water globes. The Viking globes will be available this week (Dec. 1) and photos will be uploaded asap. The Puffin globes will be available later in December.  

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New Items this year 

This year we added many new items of interest. All new items can be found here.  Our new line of tee shirts has been very popular, no doubt due to the excellent quality of the product in all respects. In the last weeks of summer, we introduced another new item, our „own design“ wooden Viking swords and shields as well as new miniature pewter-style Viking ships. The biggest little surprise seller this summer was the very cute mini glass puffin which will be back in stock at the end of October. We have added many new poses to the original – check back to see photos soon.

Holidays are coming up and some of the Yule Lads have been or sold out for some time now, but all will be back in stock in the last week of October. 

New Postcards 2014 

New postcards are in stock, over 30 new views from all around the country.

New Cap Designs

New caps are in stock now - two new designs - 100% Cotton with adjustable strap. "IS" (Ísland) in cream color and "Helm Of Awe (old magic symbol) in burgundy.

Re-stock and New Items

February 2014

Many items that have been sold out over the winter are now being re-stocked. We are also excited about the many new items for 2014 that will be available in the coming weeks: new T-Shirt designs, Caps, Postcards and much more. Check back soon for announcements!

Northern lights playing cards


Just in the house: playing cards with 53 photos of Northern lights taken along the South coast of Iceland. Check it out here: Other items featuring Northern lights can be seen here.

Handpainted Christmas ornaments.


Last year we got our first shipment of the these very popular items. They have been sold out for some time, but we are expecting a shipment in the week starting November 18th. These balls are available with text "Iceland" painted at the bottom and also without text. These balls are all painted by hand from the inside!

Our New Webstore


Sunfilm’s (in Icelandic the company name is Sólarfilma) first webstore was created in 2001. We´ve just put the finishing touches on this, our new webstore, which we hope will help you, our customer, to have an easier and better shopping experience. The site is now automatically updated to reflect all items in stock.

There are lots of new items and designs in practically all of our different departments, T-Shirts, Postcards, Ceramics, Plush Toys and more! Click here for more information: link.