Customer Service

Payment methods: Credit card or PayPal

We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, American Express and Mastercard. Payment is handled by Korta ehf. in Iceland through a secure server. Your credit card statement will show our name in Icelandic, “Sólarfilma”. You can also checkout using your PayPal account.

Credit card charge

All the prices in this shop are in USD and our invoices are in USD. Customers with USD credit cards will be charged the exact amount they shop for. In case of another currency credit card, the charge will depend upon the exchange rate of USD v.s. the currency of the card.

Delivery time

We will be able to send off your order in about one working day after we receive it. If for some reason we cannot accomplish this we will let you know by e-mail.


At the time of checkout, you will be offered up to 4 different methods of shipping. Air mail letter with tracking number: Letter options are not availble if any item does not fit in our standard envelopes.Other options are economy package by post and priority package by post. We also offer DHL service as an option which takes 2-3 working days. Orders above $250 will be sent by DHL free of charge.

Shipping time

Shipping time will vary depending on method of shipping and your location. To countries in Europe and Scandinavia you may expect about 5 - 10 working days for priority packages and air mail letters, 10-20 working days for economy package. For shipments to America, you should allow about 10 - 14 working days weeks for airmail letters and priority packages and  14 to 30 working days for economy packages.  Fedex service as an option which takes 2-3 working days. 

Import duties and taxes

Import duties and taxes vary for different countries. Sometimes small orders are delivered without the customer paying duties or taxes, but this will be more of an exception than the rule. Solarfilma can not be responsible for any taxes and or import duties applied to orders sent outside of Iceland.  


If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it within 14 days to Sólarfilma, for a full refund. You will, however, have to pay for the shipping back to us. You will be refunded on receipt of the merchandise. Any complaints regarding your purchase or our service should be sent to


We urge you to register an account with us. This will enable you to keep track of past orders, make a wish list and speed up the checking out process. You will also be able to "e-mail to a friend" something you find interesting in our store.