Why we love the Icelandic sheep

Well, the short answer to that here at Sólarfilma is because they are beautiful, photogenic and an important part of the heritage and culture of Iceland. There are in fact many reasons to admire these hardy creatures. The wool from Icelandic sheep is famous for its dual quality of warmth and protection and is certainly needed in the oftentimes harsh weather conditions in Iceland. The traditional Icelandic sweater, the “Lopi”, utilizes these characteristics and has kept Icelanders warm and protected as well. Icelandic sheep are plentiful, at least compared to the population of Iceland, in which they outnumber Icelanders by about two to one. Descended from an ancient North European short-tailed breed, the sheep were brought to Iceland from Norway in the 9th and 10th centuries by the first settlers. We like to think of them on board those long Viking ships with fearsome dragon heads! Just imagine that! Their traits of courage, hardiness and steady legs have stood them in good stead ever since as they’re willing to venture up the highest mountains in search of tasty grasses, moss and herbs. It’s worth noting that the breed has remained the same since the time of Iceland’s first settlers…largely because of the rather isolated environment of the island for so long and then later because of laws enacted to protect against disease from live import of new breeds. For any visitor to Iceland, the Icelandic sheep herds roaming free in the countryside during summer months is a sight to behold.

Icelandic Sheep Collection at Sólarfilma 

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