A brief History of our Company

Sólarfilma is a family owned and operated wholesale company founded in 1961 in Reykjavík, Iceland. At first Sólarfilma was a small operation providing travelers with color slides, which were in big demand at the time. Magazines like National Geographic were especially interested in Sólarfilma´s extensive photos of the fantastic undersea volcanic eruption in 1962, which eventually resulted in the formation of the island of Surtsey off the south coast of Iceland. 

As tourism to Iceland increased other souvenir items were added until Sólarfilma established itself as the leading producer and publisher in Iceland of postcards, color slides, and a vast selection of souvenirs and gifts. Alongside souvenirs, Sólarfilma also sold greeting cards and stationary items to supplement the business during the winter months. Only a few years ago tourism to Iceland was almost entirely limited to the summer months, but many factors, not least of them the unspoiled beauty of the land itself have enticed more and more guests to visit Iceland at all times of the year. The increase in tourism over the past few years and demand for Sólarfilma´s products resulted in the decision to sell off the greeting card aspect of the company in 1999, allowing us to concentrate solely on the souvenirs and related photo material.

Sólarfilma offers quality souvenirs and gifts with unique designs at affordable prices. We work with Iceland's top artists in the fields of design, illustration and photography to project in our wares the country's rich history, lore, nature and spirit.
In 1990 Sólarfilma was awarded the Mass Media Trophy by the Tourist Board for its excellence in mass media and related fields.

Sólarfilma ehf
Tunguháls 8,110 Reykjavík, Iceland

Kennitala: 661078-0149, VAT number: 17981